"... provided us the ability to improve the engagement of our product while retaining the educational and technical sophistication of our solutions ... professional, creative, and adds significant value to our proposals and content as well as our corporate directions." - Charlie Gillette, CEO of Knowledge Anywhere

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Technology opportunity or crisis?

The changes that are disrupting business mean organizations needs to adapt. Are you leveraging technology effectively? The status quo, based as it is upon the industrial age, is no longer enough. Organizations need to start using information age approaches! Too often, the methods in place are not tapping into the real potential.

Going forward, optimal execution is only the cost of entry, and the only truly sustainable differentiator will be continual innovation. That can only come by applying what we now know, and not what we’ve mistakenly or historically thought. The nuances are subtle, but the impact is big.

We help you align

Organizations need to start working in consonance with how our brains really work. For over three decades Clark Quinn has been successfully assisting organizations to use technology in ways that truly align with how we think, work, and learn. A recognized leader, he offers a deep background in cognition via a Ph.D. from UC San Diego and has applied that knowledge worldwide to the cutting edge of the digital revolution from before the first personal computers through to adaptive systems.

Clark is invited to speak around the globe and to write, including articles, chapters, and four books that have expanded the frontier of learning technologyHe leads with systems, strategies, and solutions. He's worked successfully with schools, government, not-for-profits, and Fortune 500 companies.

We do it right

When you work with Quinnovation, you get Clark. Not someone with a product or an agenda, except the most valuable outcomes for your organization within your parameters.

If you want the best solution for your organizational learning & performance, Quinnovation is for you. Quinnovation works with you to identify where you need to be, and prioritize steps to an effective path to the future.

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