"...consistently demonstrated an imaginative (but also down-to-earth) ability to help the rest of us successfully to achieve the integration of advanced technology with the real world of learning." - James Burke, host of Connections, author of The Day the Universe Changed, and vision behind the KWeb Project

Quinnovation helps clients achieve new performance results.

We apply a balanced mix of technology and strategy combined with a deep understanding of cognition to deliver successful solutions. We work with our clients to identify the problem, and creatively develop an approach that meets the requirements of effectiveness, efficiency, and engagement. We represent our clients to their clients, demonstrating thought and technology leadership.

When a generic solution won’t cut it, or the problems are complex, that’s where we shine. While every relationship is unique, the following characterizes the types of solutions we provide:

Strategic Guidance
Many organizations are implementing elearning tactically, with separate initiatives that do not work and play well together. Or they’re delivering a learning solution to the market but need to take it beyond the usual. These organizations need to take a step back, review the approach, and develop a plan to take them forward.

Quinnovation provides a roadmap to get from where you are now to where you are taking full advantage of the capability of your resources and the ways technology can augment that capability. Quinnovation has, across numerous engagements, developed and tested a framework that provides guidance for developing a custom plan for an organization. Get details here.

Design Reviews
Organizations find it easy to get trapped into confidence in their own approaches, often without evidence. They follow the herd and don't realize that most elearning is ineffective at best. Yet there are subtle differences in approach that can make a big impact.

We offer a suite of tactical steps that meet specific needs, doing a 'makeover' on the processes and tools that develop learning, increase performance, and support problem-solving and innovation. We review the processes employed, and streamline and optimize or radically redesign them. The result is an improved development process and improved outcomes. Whether it’s immersive learning simulations (read: games), mobile, performance support, content models, or more, we can help you get a great solution whether product or process. Get details here.

Many people offer workshops, but too often their approaches are ad hoc if not ill-founded. Instead, why not learn from the person who wrote the book? Conceptual clarity combined with engaging practice and targeted followup is the key to getting value from the effort and investment.

Quinnovation has established a reputation for delivering workshops that deliver targeted content and active engagement to yield results. Our presentations and workshops at conferences reliably yield high ratings. We can develop and deliver custom workshops to most any elearning need. Get details here.

Other Services
We also are able to execute on many of the tasks organizations need 'on the fly':
  • Writing: we quickly generate acclaimed white papers or blog series about how performance can be facilitated through new technologies.
  • Speaking: Clark has international experience and accolades as a credible, comprehensible, and engaging speaker on learning technologies and the future.
  • Projects: we bring in specific skills to complement extant capabilities to help organizations develop and deliver on proposals and projects.
We charge by the project, based upon the value and the contribution.

Recent successes include:
  • Working with a team to deepen their learning design within their existing processes
  • Creating a unified content model to take an existing online learning initiative to the next generation
  • Developing an elearning plan to take a global initiative beyond the initial face-to-face workshop stage
  • Creating an elearning roadmap that guides an organization from face-to-face training to an online solution
  • Analyzing two separate divisional elearning approaches and developing a strategic plan to yield both improved learning outcomes and content development efficiencies
  • Helping secure a performance support system contract worth over $2M, then designing the solution
  • Developing the methodology for engaging yet cost-effective learning experiences, with an associated workshop
  • Designing a content consolidation strategy to support mobile performance support
  • Developing a mobile learning adjunct with quizzes, scenarios, and performance support
  • Developing a full game on project management for non-project managers

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