"... provided us the ability to improve the engagement of our product while retaining the educational and technical sophistication of our solutions ... professional, creative, and adds significant value to our proposals and content as well as our corporate directions." - Charlie Gillette, CEO of Knowledge Anywhere

What is Quinnovation?

Quinnovation is:
  • working with organizations to align their use of technology with how we think, work, and learn
  • the application of a deep background in cognitive science and broad experience with technology to performance and innovation
  • a boutique consultancy
  • the vehicle through which Clark Quinn delivers solutions
  • a track record of successful innovation

When do you Quinnovate?

When you need to take your solution to the next level! We’re the answer when you are going beyond the ordinary and need to deliver a performance solution that seamlessly blends technical elegance, engaging experience, and effective outcomes. Clients come to us when they want to ensure the deepest and tightest learning experience design, considering the broadest technology opportunities, for the greatest value, delivering the optimal learner experience, achieving real performance outcomes. Or when they want to develop their capability to do so. We are the backstop when you’re doing the new, the out-of-the-box, and, of course, the innovative.

We’ve led learning experience design on numerous projects pushing technology to the utmost in the service of learning, covering decades. Along the way, we’ve pioneered educational computer games, web conferences, school design competitions, online learning games, intelligently adaptive systems, mobile applications, content architectures, and more. Some recent successes include:
  • helping a number of organizations with their transition from face to face or initial online training to more effective use of technology, creating ‘roadmaps’ that work from the existing situation to achieve measurable goals for their unique circumstances
  • designing content models for learning systems, yielding the greatest blend of ability to accept existing content and yet be flexible for custom and adaptive delivery
  • creating mobile strategies for businesses to capitalize on the mobile revolution
  • leading the content design and meta-learning strategy for an initiative in taking higher education learning to a new scenario-based model
  • developing the content design for K12 online learning that maximizes engagement and effectiveness under pragmatic constraints
  • creating a social learning strategy for a formal learning unit to enhance their online approach
  • guiding the process of embedding cognitive assessment strategies into mobile games
We’re able to deliver cutting-edge design because of a deep background in cognition and 35+ years experience in technology applications. These folks were looking to augment their internal capability to ensure the finest solution, and you can too.

We can add value at any stage, but you get the best value bringing us in early, while the solution is still being developed, and our contribution can provide the best bang for the buck. We work on process, templates, or even right on the product. Contact us for a free consult to see if we can help you.

Clark Quinn has been appointed as the eLearning Guild’s first-ever Guild Master for contributions to the field.

Please browse the site for details on we help people, and check out the resources page for free articles on strategy, mobile, and more. See if you match the type of clients we can assist.

Quinnovate Now!

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