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Quinnovation has written about the models we use and the approaches we take in many different places. Here is a selection of white papers, articles, etc that can provide insight into Quinnovating:

Revolutionize Learning & Development: Performance and Innovation Strategy for the Information Age: Clark’s new book on shifting the focus in L&D from learning to performance, supporting optimal performance and continual innovation.

The Mobile Academy: mLearning for Higher Education: Clark’s book on mlearning for formal instruction. There’s a page on it at the designingmlearning site, and you can view a sample (PDF).

Designing mLearning: Tapping Into the Mobile Revolution for Organizational Performance - Clark's book on designing mobile learning. You can view a sample (PDF).

Engaging Learning: Designing e-Learning Simulation Games - Clark's book on designing games for learning.

Quality eLearning: a Quinnovation white paper on practical and effective process & tool improvements.

Learning Technology Strategy: a Quinnovation white paper on aligning L&D with how we think, work, and learn.

Redesigning Design: a paper for the Saudi Distance elearning conference on problems and proposed approaches to rethinking learning design.

Looking at the Bigger Picture: A Chief Learning Officer Article

Learning Needs a Revolution: A Chief Learning Officer article

Performance Ecosystem - tying together a Coherent Organization in Chief Learning Officer.

Content Systems - a Learning Solutions article setting the foundations for content strategy

Practical Contextualization - going beyond content to context in a Learning Solutions article

Rethinking eLearning - Clark's Learning Solutions article on the future of learning technology.

Social Networking: Bridging Formal and Informal Learning - Clark's Learning Solutions article on social learning.

Populating the LearnScape: e-Learning as Strategy - Clark's chapter in Michael Allen's 2009 e-Learning Annual on integrating the elements of e-Learning: portals, eCommunity, mobile, and more.

Optimizing Learning is a Learning Circuit's article that covers the necessary strategic perspective.

480 x 320 is the new 1024 x 768 - Clark's short piece on mobile web.

Mobile Devices - an overview of mobile devices and technologies to accompany Clark's mobile design article for the eLearning Guild's 360 Research Report on Mobile Learning

Models - a page with examples of some of Quinnovation's models.

Learning Wisdom - Clark's ITFORUM article.

eMotional eLearning - Clark's Learning Solutions eMag (eLearning Guild) article on adding the emotional component to improve eLearning.

The Seven Step Program - A Quinnovation white paper on improving elearning design.

Delivering the Dream - A Quinnovation white paper on the models necessary for personalizing information delivery.

Learning At Large - Clark's article for Education Technology magazine on taking a broader approach to providing user support at the point of need.

Scenario-Based Learning - a white paper for LearningMate, about an effective and efficient approach to improving text-centric learning by interactive adjuncts.

Flexible Learning - a white paper for Knowledge Anywhere about Mobile Learning Objects.

Learning About Learning - a white paper on the value of learning to learn, with Jay Cross.

Mobile Learning - an article for LiNEzine (an online magazine about Learning in the New Economy) on near-term considerations in mobile learning.

Learning Objects - a discussion paper for the IFETS forum (digested learning technology news) on some issues in Learning Object standards.

Engaging Learning - an ITFORUM (a community with presentations and discussions on Instructional Technology) discussion paper about how to meld fun and education, a pre-cursor to the book.