The ever-growing list of companies that have Quinnovated:
There are also clients we can’t mention for confidentiality reasons as well as indirect clients, who we have served through our direct clients on projects such as those above. These clients include Fortune 500 companies such as:
  • A leading system and application software firm
  • A national warehouse store
  • International makers of medical devices
  • A telecommunications service provider
  • A transportation equipment manufacturer
  • A telecomm software provider
  • A major course provider to higher ed institutions
and other major firms including:
  • A major American bank
  • A national government agency
  • International publishers
  • A major state government agency
  • A consumer telecommunications product provider
  • A major national museum
  • A leading developer of online courses for higher education
  • and more
Current or recent projects include:
  • eLearning strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Mobile learning strategy
  • Content development product and process improvement
  • A new learning objectives approach
  • An adaptive performance-support system
  • Learning game design reviews and strategy
  • A model for multiply navigable content
  • An online course on cognitive learning theory
  • An internet business curriculum
  • Workshops
  • Keynotes
  • Webinars