Your eLearning needs updating

You worry that the eLearning you develop isn’t delivering the results your organization needs. You take the materials, and your designers and developers routinely put out courses, but do you know that what you deliver is really what’s needed? Is the investment you’re making actually delivering impact on the organization? How do you know?

There are many ways in which eLearning goes awry. From not assuring that a course is the solution, through taking what the expert says, to adding a few questions at the end of a content presentation, much of what’s done in the name of eLearning isn’t going to lead to any meaningful change.

Here are some of the things routinely seen that don’t get the kind of results you want:

  • Introductions that are glossy, but not meaningful to learners’ goals
  • Content that is descriptive but not prescriptive (the what but not the how)
  • Practice that is knowledge-focused, not developing real abilities
  • Presentations that don’t motivate users to care about what they learn
The good news is that your organization can learn how to make e-learning much more effective, helping you deliver consistently on your learning objectives.

More, all of this can be accomplished without a significant change in your investment. And, of course, once your e-learning design has improved, the results will pay off for years to come.

You can create killer courses

You want courses that engage your learners while delivering real results. To do so, however, you have to understand the nuances of both effective learning and engaging experiences. The good news is that there is a path forward, and the better news is that it can be done on a relatively small increase to the processes and tools you already use.

It’s truly a case of ‘work smarter, not harder’. Tap into deep learning science, mapped to practical workflows, which imbue your existing approach with true depth of understanding. You will be able to not only demonstrate improvements, but explain why and how they happen. You and your team will establish a significantly better outcome and embark an ongoing process of improvement.

You need an eLearning Transformation!

Learning science gives us rich guidance about what’s needed. Decades of research help us understand how to determine the needed focus, how to provide meaningful practice, the benefits of rich models and elaborated examples, and ultimately how to deliver learning that leads to significant new abilities.

There are precise opportunities to improve. You can create more effective relationships with stakeholders, enrich your design templates, put connection points into your processes, and more. You can systematically integrate engaging experiences with effective education to yield real business impact.

You need Quinnovation

I’m Clark Quinn, Ph.D., Executive Director of Quinnovation, and I help organizations fine-tune their design and development processes to align with learning research. It’s not magic, it’s science. Learning science is not well supported in the industry, but that’s fixable. Small changes in your practices and tools can deliver a chain of production that yields impactful outcomes. I work with you and your team to develop the necessary understandings, process changes, and tool revisions to allow you to work with stakeholders and SMEs to develop and deliver eLearning that’s enlightened and effective.

It’s not easy to understand and make these changes on your own. To get your mind around the deep learning science takes time, and to then apply it to learning design processes takes effort. I have the experience and ability to coach you and your team through the process, educating, co-developing, and supporting implementation of a comprehensive solution based upon your status and goals.

Clark Quinn (the Quinnovator) draws upon 35+ years of advanced learning technology experience, a Ph.D. in applied cognitive science, and extensive work with organizations to develop effective and engaging elearning. He’s an award-winning expert, and has quite literally written the book on creating engaging and effective learning experiences. With success across Internet, mobile, adaptive, and content systems, developing solutions and strategies, Dr. Quinn works with you to:

  • educate you about the learning research and fundamentals of design processes
  • review your audience and desired performance outcomes
  • examine your learning products and processes
  • revise your workflow and design tools
You get a minimally changed workflow that yields maximal outcomes.

You can deliver impactful eLearning

Your eLearning can, and should, be leading to significant skill shifts. What you want is eLearning that engages your learners, helps them understand why this is important, gives them the tools to succeed, and gives them the opportunity to develop their abilities. (And here’s a hint: this isn’t just for your online courses; if you deliver face to face learning or webinars, lots of what you do here is relevant as well.)

You can make small changes to design and development processes that will deliver real impact. Your existing processes are predictable, but they aren’t likely to deliver the results needed. Yet it’s not a wholesale makeover that’s required; if your design and development processes are like most, there are inflection points where small changes can have a big effect. You can tune your approach to make a significant difference.

We’ve done this before, successfully

We’ve worked with organizations to refine their eLearning solutions, at the product level and then the process level. We’ve modeled the desired outcome with exemplary courses, and tuned templates and workflows to ensure quality outputs. And it’s all on tap for your benefit.

  • "…While he was grounded in principles, Clark was remarkably unafraid of novelty…"
  • - Srividya Kumar, Co-Founder, Learnnovators

  • "…a walking encyclopedia of learning science…he was able to respond to our inquiries with one well-researched perspective after another…"
  • - David Lindrum, Founder, Soomo Learning

  • "…We found his comments insightful, and we look forward to implementing his expert suggestions to further improve of our product…."
  • - Miriam Ruis, Executive Director, Avallain Foundation

  • “…has been guide and guru to LearningMate in many ways … brings the rare quality of being a visionary along with a practical approach as to how to accomplish the same.”
  • - Samudra Sen, CEO of LearningMate

  • “... provided us the ability to improve the engagement of our product while retaining the educational and technical sophistication of our solutions…”
  • - Charlie Gillette, CEO of Knowledge Anywhere

  • “... always finding a way to innovate and push into new territory, ... consistently been a great value...”
  • - Jason Shaeffer, Vice President of Operations of Vis-a-vis Inc.

  • “...consistently demonstrated an imaginative (but also down-to-earth) ability to help the rest of us successfully to achieve the integration of advanced technology with the real world of learning.”
  • - James Burke, host of Connections and author of The Day the Universe Changed

  • “...we were able to implement many of his useful recommendations to add value to our product suite. I highly recommend him.”
  • - Michael Doyle, co-author of How to Make Meetings Work, and CEO of MemeWorks

What does it look like when you Quinnovate?

When we work with organizations committed to upping the effectiveness of their eLearning, it goes something like this:

  • Analysis of your existing eLearning processes and outputs to know where you stand
  • Work to understand your primary needs and organizational objectives, to know where you want to go
  • Identify leverage points that will yield big outcomes with minimal change on your processes
  • Support you though the transition of making the necessary changes within your organization
We customize our approach to meet your unique needs

In short, the process for making meaningful changes in your eLearning is doable. You will emerge with eLearning programs that ultimately result in the changes you want to see.

If you care about eLearning…

If you want more than just content on the web with a quiz. If you want eLearning that bewitches the mind and ensnares the senses, and leads to new abilities and organizational outcomes, you need to change. It’s not immediate, nor effortless, but it is real.

If you actually want to impact your organization. Your organization has real learning needs, and you have an important duty. Now you have the option to truly deliver.

If you want to talk more about how you can capitalize on this opportunity,
contact Quinnovation. In our first complimentary meeting we’ll discuss your current situation, challenges and objectives and answer any questions about how we work. If you have a current eLearning course you are not satisfied with, we’ll take a look and give you some on-the-spot insights.