"We've had awesome keynotes in the past but yours was the first that combined both aspirational+specific practical tips." Sanjay Nasta, MicroAssist

Clark Quinn has been delivering compelling keynotes and engaging workshops around the world for over a decade. Whether you are inspiring your audience for the future, or equipping them with necessary skills for tomorrow, Dr. Quinn's depth of experience and engaging approach provides a real solution.

These workshops and presentations have been delivered for private clients, societies, and conferences around the globe. Download the associated flyers for details on the programs you're interested in.


Strategy: aimed at managers and executives, this session looks at the bigger picture of components like portals, eCommunity, mobile, and more and provides exercises to evaluate, consider, plan, and implement steps within your organization to take your use of technology to the next level. Based upon the framework detailed in Clark’s book on revolutionizing Learning & Development. Keynote. Workshop.

Mobile Learning: based upon Clark’s books on mobile learning design, this session covers the mobile revolution, the devices, examples, principles, the design process, and the tools, to make mobile learning a reality. To take advantage of mobile you really do have to "think different" and this workshop provides the basis to do just that. Keynote. Workshop.

Serious Game Design: based upon Clark's book on the topic, Engaging Learning: Designing e-Learning Simulation Games, this session develops an understanding of why learning simulations are powerful learning, and a systematic process to develop them. Learning can, and should, be hard fun! Keynote. Workshop.

Deeper Learning Design: covering the underlying cognitive and emotional components that lead to real learning, this session systematically reviews the components of learning design. Included are the myths (based upon the book) and design implications. Based upon 30 years of experience and a series of posts for Learnnovators, the outcomes are designers empowered to make elearning that really works. Keynote. Workshop.

Custom: Quinnovation can create a specialized session for your needs. In the past this has included presentations or workshops on innovation, myths, social learning, and more. Contact us to help create your solution.


“...an unqualified success. Your presentations really hit the mark...” - Chris Gray, Jacaranda

You need a credible and engaging speaker. Clark Quinn has been in demand as a knowledgeable and effective speaker on the topics above, and more (e.g. The Future of (e)Learning). He’s available to speak on topics relating to the broad area of learning, performance, technology, design, and strategy.

"I have had many members tell me how much they enjoyed - and were challenged by - your presentation", "they had actionable items with pages of notes" - Charlotte ISPI

Clark has spoken nationally and internationally for corporate and academic audiences both in the US and overseas as far away as Australia, China, Colombia, Denmark, Germany, India, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates.

"I think it was calibrated perfectly to the needs of our audience, and believe that your talk will inspire conversations and innovations for many months to come!" - a major government agency

"as spectacularly entertaining as he is brilliant" - anonymous attendee at DevLearn 2018"truly exceptional. It wasn’t just the information itself, but there was depth and range behind it without loss of focus! I was riveted the whole time." - SoCal IBSTPI

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