A fundamental evolution in higher education is being sparked by the ubiquity of mobile devices. The opportunity is ripe for institutions, instructors, and instructional designers to take advantage of mobile technology to enhance the learning experience. The Mobile Academy is a guide for systematically integrating mobile devices into higher education courses and other academic and student support services in order to facilitate learning outcomes and student success. It covers a wealth of topics, including the use of mobile devices as applied to administrative services, classroom content, assessment, communications, and what’s to come in the future.

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In The Mobile Academy Clark Quinn gives aspiring learning technologists a crash course in what it will take to harness the power and potential of mobile learning in higher educational settings. He has given us a comprehensive, engaging guide for creating mobile learning solutions that inspire anytime, anywhere, and on whatever device one chooses. - Ellen Wagner, partner and senior analyst, Sage Road Solutions LLC; executive director WCET

If you are a faculty member, instructional support staff, or an administrator at a university or a two-year college, you must read and understand this book. From ideas on interactivity and engagement through mLearning, to conducting an environmental scan, to dealing with policy issues, this book provides the foundation upon which to build for the future...the future of mLearning. - Karl Kapp, professor of instructional technology, Bloomsburg University; author Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning and Learning in 3D

In The Mobile Academy, Clark Quinn provides a sensible theoretical and practical foundation that will help higher education organizations to develop their own strategies for providing mobile services for learning and student support. From designers to educators to administrators, this is the guide for you to get ‘mobilized’. - Alan Levine, cogdogblog.com


Bill Brandon has written a review for Learning Solutions magazine. "Quinn provides the background information needed to successfully put together a strategy for harnessing the fundamental revolution in education brought about by mobile devices, through mobile learning solutions."

Tony Bates has also written a review. "…an excellent introduction to mobile learning for instructors in the 75% of institutions that do not have a mobile strategy yet, and for those instructors in the other institutions who are still hesitating about committing to mobile applications."

Stevie Rocco reviewed it for eLearn Mag. "The Mobile Academy stands as a good roadmap for higher education administrators and instructional designers who wish to enter the world of mobile and would like strategic direction."

Stan Skrabut has posted a review. "Quinn does a solid job of walking a reader through all the key points necessary to adequately address issues revolving around mobile learning (mlearning) in an academic environment."

Robert Power has written a review. "The Mobile Academy: mLearning for Higher Education provides a strong foundation in the principles that must be kept in mind to effectively capitalize on mobile devices to promote learning."