Existing training and development practices need a major overhaul. Learning and development practitioners and managers must increasingly face the fact that old methods are no longer relevant in today's tech-savvy world and, in many cases, they simply don't work. In Revolutionize Learning and Development, you'll get a straightforward look at how people really learn and get introduced to practical steps for rethinking, redesigning, and reestablishing learning delivery. This book shows you how to take advantage of new understandings and new technologies so you can make a meaningful impact on your organization.

In four sections, the book lays out crucial background knowledge, conceptual frameworks, and practical steps for transforming learning and development so that it has the greatest return for businesses. Managers, practitioners, and executives will benefit from the illustrations, vignettes, and sidebars that highlight the author's advice and expertise.

• Learn to avoid the pitfalls of outdated and irrelevant learning solutions, including those that ignore the importance of clear objectives, proper execution, and thorough evaluation
• Discover the practical steps for implementing the best and most effective strategies for making the most of training programs
• Benefit from a thorough examination of what happens when managers and practitioners make major changes in strategy, leadership, and technology
• Get familiar with the roles of research-based frameworks, performance support, and informal learning
Don't let learning and development myths derail you. Find out how to breathe new life into your programs with practical guidance designed to inspire today's best learning technology solutions.

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“This is a spark, not the whole fire,” Clark Quinn states in the opening pages of this manifesto on the future of the L&D profession. I am grateful to Clark for his courage, insight, and willingness to write this important book and to challenge the profession to strive for the next level of impact it can achieve.
Tony Bingham, President and CEO, ASTD

Clark has written the book I have been waiting for. He succinctly explains why current practices fail to deliver result and outlines the path forward. Just what the 21st Century CLO needs to know.
Kevin Wheeler, CEO, Global Learning Resources

I love this book. Clark Quinn says what needs to be said to L&D leaders — and he says it with the perfect blend of respect, frustration, irreverence, and hope. It’s time!
Marcia Conner, executive advisor, analyst, and best-selling author of The New Social Learning

This book raises fundamental questions for us all. Everyone involved in workplace learning who wants to play a part in the future – or even to have a job – should read it.
Donald H Taylor, Chairman, Learning and Performance Institute

Clark Quinn has succinctly and adeptly drawn together all the evidence to make an undeniable case for fundamental change within Learning & Development. After reading this book, you will be ready to join the revolution, and begin the process of shifting from a focus on learning to a focus on performance.
Jane Hart, Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies

Work is learning and learning is the work. Clark Quinn gives a clear path forward for today’s L&D profession on the cusp of revolution or extinction.
Harold Jarche, international speaker and Principal, Jarche Consulting

In this book, Clark Quinn pulls no punches in addressing many of the factors that are handcuffing organizational learning, and provides tangible solutions learning professionals can implement to make things better.
David Kelly, Program Director, The eLearning Guild

Also on Elaine Biech's Top 6 Go To ATD Reads: "causes me to pause, think, and create. Its message—it's time for talent leaders to align solutions more closely with how people really think, learn, and work—motivates me to strive for the next level expected of me and my colleagues. What’s more, its message challenges me."

Connie Malamed, in 12 Instructional Design Books You Should Know About, says "answers the question of how Learning and Development teams can be relevant in the information age."


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