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eLearning Strategy Framework
Organizations need to work smarter! The clear opportunity is to make the workforce more effective, efficient, and nimble, but we need to do it in ways that augment our capabilities. Many organizations have taken elearning steps, whether courses, portals, or social networking, but find that the initiatives aren't sufficient. The elements aren't integrated, and consequently they don't work together. Users are confused, and these investments are idiosyncratic at best.
Strategize with Quinnovation
Quinnovation has been a leader in reviewing organizational elearning initiatives and developing strategic plans. Our approach details the relationships between the elements and documents the mutually reinforcing benefits. This framework provides the tools needed to systematically analyze, design, and implement an action plan to move your organization to learning, executing, problem-solving, and innovating!
The Package
We take our ALIGN approach and adapt based upon the size of your organization, your current status, and more. We'll:
  • evaluate your infrastructure
  • assess your resources
  • comprehend your goals
  • interview stakeholders
  • review your culture
  • explore your processes
The outcome is a comprehensive strategy to develop a full performance ecosystem that provides support for employees and creates an environment where they can optimally perform, but more importantly innovate and problem-solve. You'll receive:
  • a report of what we've seen, benchmarking your organization on strategic factors
  • a set of principles for learning environments that characterizes the effective environment
  • an identification of barriers and specific recommendations for addressing them
  • metrics by which to evaluate progress
  • a timeline with specific steps for the short-, medium-, and long-term
  • ongoing support as you execute and look to review and refine your steps
Separate Strategic Options
While the overarching strategy is where organizations will find the most value, there are times when specific approaches to particular components make sense. We have successfully provided strategic services at these levels as well:
  • Deeper Learning Design
  • Game Design
  • Mobile Learning
  • Social Learning
  • Performance Support
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